About Us

Remington Orthodontics is full of friendly, helpful staff members. We’d love for you to get to know us better.

In our office, every effort is made to meet your needs in a timely and caring manner. Each individual’s problem is different and deserves personalized attention. A customized treatment plan is designed for each patient, based on his or her diagnosis. There is NO CHARGE for the initial visit to our office. At this visit, we will perform an orthodontic exam and determine the treatment which will bring you the best results. If treatment is necessary, we can begin immediately with orthodontic records. Records consist of x-rays, impressions and photographs.

Although we encourage parents to be present during the initial exam and consult; we do not encourage this throughout the remainder of the treatment process. We have learned that when the parent is not present, the patient becomes responsible for his or her own treatment, learning how to care for his or her braces themselves. This can actually speed treatment if the child begins to feel personally accountable for his or her progress. Even our most shy patients become more receptive and expressive without a parent in the room.

Treatment time varies between one and three years depending on the nature of the problem, age of the patient and cooperation. Treatment cost may also vary.